There are many opportunities to serve at St. David’s.


Acolytes assist clergy during the Eucharist.

Alpha Leaders encourage discovery and discussion through the Alpha program.

Altar Guild prepares the linens, bread and wine on the altar for Holy Communion. After the service, all items are prepared for future use.

Bible Study Leaders facilitate this important aspect of spiritual growth.

Building Committee provided leadership during renovation of current facility.

Chalice Bearers assist clergy during communion by serving wine.

Coffee Hour Hosts provide refreshments after worship service on a rotating basis.

Finance Committee members meet quarterly, or as needed, to draft a budget and to review income, expenses and account balances throughout the year.

Greeters welcome parishioners and visitors.

Lay Readers read appointed Lessons, Psalms and Prayers of the People on a rotating basis.

Marketing/Advertising Committee members pool their visions and ideas to send our message out to the wider community.

Mission/Outreach ministry is prepared to respond to needs in our community and beyond.

Music ministry selects and prepares the music for worship service.

Phone Tree members are available to get an important message out quickly.

Prayer Chain members lift up in prayer those that need healing, be it physical, spiritual or emotional.

Sunday School Leaders teach biblical truths in an age-appropriate way encouraging children to build a solid foundation for their lives.

Youth Ministry leaders create opportunities to help teens discover the joy and fellowship of following Christ.