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St. David’s Anglican Church, Our Story

Committed to acknowledging God’s word as trustworthy and unchangeable, a small group began Sunday morning worship services in February of 2009, planting the foundation for the creation of St. David’s Anglican Church.

An enthusiastic advocate of bible literacy led studies each week.

Concurrently, ordained clergy throughout the USA and Canada were seeking to unite in an organization that allowed them to be loyal to the doctrine, discipline and worship of Christ.

112,000 people like the parishioners of St. David’s have become 983 congregations in the Anglican Church in North America.

St. Augustine’s mission to Britain in the 6th century planted the seeds of Anglicanism. Like the parable of the mustard seed, it continues to put out great branches.

All Christians are created for ministry; given gifts that are needed for ministry. We are committed to use these gifts to glorify God and build the Body of Christ.